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BY: Haime

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I am very grateful for the opportunity I got from Rosette Balentina, principal of Schotborg School to share knowledge with the teachers about the characteristics of a bully, the one being bullied and what the consequences are of bullying. Thank you Rosette Balentina and all the teachers that were present for that great opportunity. Looking forward for more. If you like your school to participate for a reading contact us via info@psychologiepraktijk-sisu.com

Date: 04-04-2019

Newspapers: Extra & Vigilante

11 Oct 2019

BY: Achanty Thomasa

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Childrens of Curaçao

There are a lot of children here in Curaçao who are living with their parent(s), brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts. This can be fun but it has some disadvantage with it. One of the disadvantages is that every person who are living with the child can have an influence on his/her education. If for example you discipline your child as a mother, an aunt can break you authority in front of the child by telling you that you are not treating the child right.

When you and the aunt are not at the same page, this can result in a discussion in front of the child on what is the best way to deal with the child. This may make the child feel very uncomfortable and respect you less.
That’s why it’s good to have some agreements with all family member who are in the same household when raising your child.

1) Members of the family must first consult with the parent(s) when the want to do an activity with the child or give the child something to eat.
2) Don’t break the authority of the parent(s) in front of the child.
3) Never break the rules, norms and values that a parent has determined for a child.

These are some tips that can help you when raising child on a more structure and consistent way. Where everybody does their best to be on the same page which minimalize the opportunity that a child will be disobedient and will have less respect for you.

Achanty Damice-Thomasa
Child and adolscent Psychologist

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